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Mobile data lost on Gray market phone

Just Moved In
I have a Ulefone Armor 7e ruggedized phone which was working great for years.
A couple of weeks ago I lost mobile data and texting. After several attempts with Telus tech support I can sometimes get mobile data if I change the bands for the area I'm in. I have just been informed by Telus that recent security changes on the network are preventing "Gray market" phones from fully functioning on the network. That is disappointing given the technology exists on the phone and the network to make it secure.
I'm guessing Telus would much rather sell me a phone rather then allow me to bring my own.


Was your phone purchased at an authorized dealer through legitimate channels?  It isn't whether you bought the phone at Telus.  By your own definition, it is "Gray Market".  Which means not purchased through an authorized dealer.

The phone was bought directly from the manufacturer Ulefone, Telus is calling it Gray market because it's not one of their brands.

Unfortunately, Telus has been engaging in this practice for a little while now under the disguise of security but yet they still sell Huawei devices. I was forced to switch to Rogers because Telus stopped allowing my OnePlus 8T+ 5G from working that I purchased from T-Mobile USA and proceeded to do the same for my s23 Ultra that I also purchased directly from T-Mobile USA. Both devices work fine on Rogers, including VoLTE, VoNR, and 5G. This practice is solely to force customers to purchase over priced devices directly from Telus.