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Telus never closed the account and now sent it to collection agency.

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I'm talking on my dad's behalf.


When we switched from telus to bell AFTER 2 year commitment we were told that we can't bring phone number over to bell and we were advised to switch numbers.


3 months later my dad gets an email saying he owes 3 months of mobile bill. He calls customer service, he spends a day trying to get hold of them, no one responds and once someone does, they either transfer over to someone else and/or the phone line gets cut off. For 5 hours. 


Now we are getting emails from collection agency with terrible reputation on google (not responding, no receipt after payment etc) also his banker is advised that this ridiculous bill is affecting his credit score.


How do I get hold of someone that's ACTUALLY going to solve problems?


Why are all these giant corporations in canada such giant pain in the ass to deal with after the commitment? I don't ever hear these things to happening to families in the states, australia AND asia.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Sorry for the late reply. I'll send you a private message to discuss, look out for it!