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Got charged over $1000 for accounts that never activated!!


I have been with Telus for years and someone came by my house and offered me great mobility plans. I thought about it and decided to join. The person got someone from Telus Mobility to call me to set up the plans and said will send me the SIM cards. A few weeks passed and I never received the SIM cards, so I thought they must have not mailed out. One day, I got an amount owing from Telus but I never activated the services. I called and asked why I was charged and they said that because I signed up for the services. I asked him if the SIM cards were ever activated and if minutes were used. Agent said that the cards were never activated. I asked him why I was charged, he said it was out of his power to do anything. Sent me to a supervisor and supervisor basically said too bad, you signed up, so you have to pay. I ignored it and Telus Mobility called me twice regarding new phone plans. I told the agents that I had this problem and they insisted the account was closed and I won't be charged. More time passed and Telus Mobility calls me again and I told the agent the same thing, he said once I signed up for new services, the existing charges will be gone. I told him I want the charges be removed first, because I don't think I can trust Telus anymore. The agent said he will look into it. Now, I have a collection agency constantly calling me regarding the amount owing. Anyone else had this happen?



It sounds like this took place over several weeks. So you went this long without cell service or was your phone connected with another provider? Were you planning to port your number over to TELUS?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jdmbenz This is a tough one to navigate over community. We don't have a great deal of insight into your account details here and I know you've already called in once, but I sent you a PM with some info.