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Is there any way to escalate a solution for nearly non-existent cell service?

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I live in Blind Bay. We used to get 1 bar fairly consistently which was obviously not great but in the last month or two, we are lucky to even get that. I've seen more of my neighbours lately because we are all standing in the middle of the street yelling "can you hear me now?" into our phones. We are all working form home and this is not sustainable. I spoke to a realtor the other day and she said that she just lost a sale because the new would-be owners couldn't get cell reception. We are not a city and don't expect city services but we are also not remote.


Over the years, I've called Telus many times and though they are sympathetic, the workers very kindly tell me that there is no plan to improve our service. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the company's attention and perhaps some help? A petition maybe? There is no point in switching providers because even though they don't all use the same towers, the others are equally as bad. 


I've asked about cell signal boosters but most people say they are not worth the money and rarely work. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

A cellular booster with a directional antenna pointing towards the towers near Shuswap Provincial Park might net you better cell service. You could also consider a landline, or VoIP phone if connectivity is important for you.

Otherwise, a petition might work, but unless there is assurance that Telus would see a sufficient increase in customers, it may make little financial sense.


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If you are at your home internet and working from home, turn on wifi calling on your cell phone and it will work through the internet.  This won't help you when  you are out and about but certainly will work in the house.  The carrier name would change to Telus Wi-Fi.