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I want to disable my voicemail

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I have called and spoken to 2 different reps who both times said they had removed it from my account and both times they had not.  When I boot up my phone, I get the notification of "new voicemail" and it wants me to set up voicemail, which I don't want.  And even that, it asks me to enter a mailbox number, which I don't have nor know what that is.  Not the point.  I don't want voicemail.  How do I get someone who knows what they're doing to remove it?  It seems like Telus sends its customers down a rabbit hole of links and AI bots to avoid actually providing a phone number for a tech to help support their clients.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Removing VM shouldn't be that difficult for sure. Reach out to our social team at either our Twitter / X account ( or over on our Facebook ( so they can take a look at your account to see what's going on with it.

So it seems the voicemail itself has been disabled (after a 3rd call yesterday) BUT I still get a consistent and repeated notification of new voicemail from Telus.  Every morning when I power up my phone, the notification pops up and keeps coming back despite being swiped off screen.  I have tried deleting data and cache and no change.  When I check the notification, the automated system wants me to enter my mailbox number?  I don't have one and have no idea what that means?  PLEASE help!

Hey @Hemogoblin that number would be one that tech support needs to provide you. Although you've called enough, that would be the route to take