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Every other mobile company has better connection

Just Moved In

I tried an Iphone 13, LG velvet, old pixel 2, and Fido/Freedom mobile/ Koodo and they all work. Inside of my first floor rental, my Telus connection gives me no bars and I've completed all the troubleshooting on the side. I had my friends with Telus visit my place inside of the Vancouver Dunbar area and they lose connection too. All the roads leading out from UBC drop connection too. I hope Telus can help or I'll need to swap back to Koodo



Koodo is a sub brand of Telus and uses the same mobile network so it has the same coverage. It would be very unusual if you had a better signal with Koodo at the same location.


Check here to see which towers are close to you and who operates them:


Just Moved In

Dont bother with Koodo, their a sub company of Telus.


I also moved to Telus about a year ago and have found their signal to be horrible. Not only that, i'll lose just data randomly, even thought the phone shows it has full 5G signal...

Look elsewhere, that's what im doing