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Easy Roam

I switched to Telus from Fido expecting better service and for the most part it was pretty much the same. I did get unlimited data so the cost increase was justified I guess. I went into the US for the first time in two years and even tho everything says I have easy roam and my data roaming was turned on my cell lost service. Unfortunately the US trips are going to be frequent so if I can’t roam I may as well go back to Fido. I never had any roaming issue with them.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Easy Roam is a billing item, it does not affect your ability to connect to US carriers, just how much you pay for the connection. You will need to look more deeply to learn why your phone did not connect to the US carrier.


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Your ability to connect for cell service while travelling is not determined by the carrier you are with in Canada. It is determined by your proximity to cell towers at that location and who operates those cell towers.