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Daily fraud calls since porting number from koodo

Friendly Neighbour

Switched from koodo and get daily suspected fraud calls and spam. Almost all are rejected although one got through and it was dead on the other end. I look through my call history and have almost zero spam or fraud on koodo. Why is this happening? Also got the canada post text which i ignoreed.


Community Power User
Community Power User

When you were on Koodo, did you have Call Control enabled? That feature blocks those scam robo calls and Telus has that same free feature. You just need to turn it on.

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Thanks. Hiw long does it take to start functioning after enabling it? Yes I did have it with Koodo. I was a minute since I turned it on.

Seems to be looping between adding call control then I select launch call control and it goes back to add call control.

Still in a loop. Can't access the menu it appears it's not activated.