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Change of ownership

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Can someone please direct me to where policy is viewable to the customer stating that you can’t change ownership in the first 90 days of a new account?


A little context, I was approved for two devices so I put my line and my daughters line on my mobility account. My husband was also approved for two devices so we put his line on his account. It’s now about 30 days in. I wanted to get an Apple Watch and attach it to my account. However that’s 3 devices so I’m not able to do this. It can’t be added to my husbands account as in order for the watch to work properly it has to be on the account that the phone is associated with.  So I suggested we transfer my daughters line to my husbands account thus freeing up the device on my account allowing me to proceed with the Apple Watch. Seems simple enough. We brought our own devices with us so we are on a month to month billing. No contracts holding us here. I was told by the call center policy is that ownership can not be transferred for the first 90 days of a new service. 

I can not find this policy anywhere for the public eye. I understand that due to credit check we can each only have two devices attached to each of our accounts but what I can’t wrap my head around is that when I have no contract and brought my own devices with me and all I’m asking to do is move a line from one account to another account within the same household that are both attached to the same my TELUS login and I pay for both bills, in order to add a device that puts me in a contract with Telus for 24 months, why is this something that is not possible?  Also why is this something that is not easy to find in any of the terms and conditions?  All I can find is that it must be done through the call center and it costs $35.  If it’s a policy it should be accessible so that customers can verify the info.  I mean I had to explain to the call center why I couldn’t just add the Watch to my husbands account and then sit on hold while he verified that for me as the rep I got had no idea the Watch had to go on the account with the phone it is to be associated with. So I’ve searched to verify this policy as he obviously wasn’t very knowledgeable when I had to educate him on his job but I can’t find the info anywhere.


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Community Power User

Are you on some form of special consideration for your mobility plan, such as the spending limit program? Generally, consumer plans allow up to 5 lines on a plan, so you being restricted to two lines suggests something differs about your account. 


There are a usually number of policies associated with 90 day periods,with all carriers, including the paying out of contracts to obtain a new device, and possibly ownership transfers. I’ve not seen such policies published by any carrier.


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You are going to have to potentially go as high up as the Executive Office to get this done.  For whatever reason the device limit exists on your account.  Transfer of ownerships are usually something that requires a credit check and such.  Because your husband already has an account.  To port one of your numbers over to his shouldn't be an issue.  You just need to find the right person within Customer Care to escalate you issue up to the right person.