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Cannot add data topup while travelling


Does anyone know why I can’t add a data topup while travelling? The app and telus online (web service) both syabI should be able to. The app tells me I’m ‘not eligible’ and the web service tells me ‘try again later’. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Are you travelling abroad or within Canada?

Abroad (UK) which is included in my data roaming.

Have reached out to Telus via Twitter but can’t get past the ‘verify your account’ step on Twitter (am already logged in, so… not sure what that’s about) so no help there. The person I’m dm’ing doesn’t seem to be able to either think of or offer an alternative. Data will reset in a few days so at this point I’m not really feeling like paying them $35 extra. Just poor service and poor support which is frustrating.

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi there please try and clear your browser history on Twitter to try the access again.  This can help you get the support in a timely manner.    

I wish the person I was DM’ing yesterday had suggested this; I might have tried it yesterday. However, data will reset shortly and I’m in no mood to pay Telus $35 for a couple of days’ worth of data at this point. Fairly disappointed with Telus’ customer support and response time on this.