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Call control doesn’t block or identify private/unknown callers

Helpful Neighbour

I have call control enabled on my account. A private caller was able to “pass screening”. The private caller is listed in the call control list as passed screening as well.
I thought call control would take care of this ?
I guess if someone is there and presses the appropriate key as requested by call control, it doesn’t matter if they’re blocked.
This should be something Telus should allow us to stop. So basically anyway can call blocked, and you’ll never know who it was.



The purpose of Call Control is to filter out automated calls. It doesn't care what the caller ID says or doesn't say.

It would be nice to have the option to force callers to unblock their caller ID in order to pass Call Control. Not really a big deal for me because I rarely answer calls from Private Number - if they don't want me to know who's calling then I don't need to talk to them, they can leave a message.

The 1st time I called as "private", call control asked to enter the "code"

the 2nd time I called as "Private", got through call control as if call control was disabled. I checked the call logs and it shows the private number as "previously passed screening". does this now mean anyone calling private will get through without call control intecepting or does it really know who the private caller really is. either way all private numbers should be intercepted by call control.. sounds buggy to me!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Of course the system knows the number of all callers. Private number simply means they do not disclose the number to other parties (you). Thus, the system behaves as you describe. If an approved private number calls again, it is treated as a known private number, not an anonymous number.

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Helpful Neighbour

As per Telus, if it’s blocked, the callerID (attribute I’m assuming, through SS7), is never sent out in the first place. Especially if it comes from another network. If it came from a Telus mobility subscriber, perhaps they could figure it out if they really needed to.

Interesting what @Bugs is saying though. Since the caller passed call control already, that means subsequent calls could get through without having to pass again. Which could lead to automated floods of calls.

Great idea, have a feature "to unblock your number and have your number shown, and go through, please press "7"." 


in some areas Telus offers the calling feature anonymous call block


Helpful Neighbour
Spoke with Telus on this out of curiosity.
The call does not show up on incoming call logs, but only shows up on the call control log.
They said since the number was blocked by caller, what’s needed for callerID, isn’t sent out in the first place. So no way for them to ever identify who it was. Call control should allow for us to have option to block unidentified calls.