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Auto-Renew; Had insufficient funds, service is now ‘cancelled’.

I was not watching my funds and accidentally left only $4 left on my account, which was not enough to renew for this month (Talk & Text 15). After receiving this notice today, I added $25 to top up my account. I received a text confirming this but it said to start a phone plan. I did a brief search for posts with a similar issue and saw that someone said there is a $50 charge applied to my next renewal if I ‘reinstate’ my service. Is this true?

What is my first step to getting service back?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Your account remains accessible to you for 90 days after your last payment. Your current step needs to be to choose a new 30 day plan from those available to you. At this point, simply topping up your account does not reactivate your expired plan.

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