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Any one used Bell or Rogers LTE modem with Telus?


I'm a "Rural Smart Hub" subscriber and want to replace my Telus Huawei modem with an ZTE MF288. I can get several second-hand units initially sold by Bell. I'm wondering if anyone has successfully used a Bell or Rogers unit on the Telus rural network? A couple of points:

- There's a difference between using a hub on a regular Telus Mobility account and on a Rural Smart Hub account.

- I initially tried a new Netgear LAX20, but it didn't work and Telus said that only modems they sell/support will work on the rural network.

- A support rep said not only that, but she *thought* that only modems Telus had actually sold in the first place would connect. Even identical models, if sold by Bell/Rogers, wouldn't work.


So while the ZTE MF288 is a unit that Telus does sell and support, I'm just wondering if anyone has actually had success.


Community Power User
Community Power User

My understanding is these devices are locked to the network on which they were first activated, and cannot be ported to another provider. They definitely are not included in the portability afforded to cellular phone plans & devices.


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