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Android 14 for S22 Ultra

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I contacted Samsung about when to expect Android 14 for my Samsung 22 Ultra. They tell me its available now but TELUS has to push it. My Question is do I need to switch providers to get this update on my 3 phones????

All 3 phones are not under any contract so perhaps TELUS does not want my business???

When I could not get better than 50 meg download speed for internet and was told that no plan was in place to upgrade my neighborhood in next 5 to 7 years I switched to SHAW. 

If I cant get UI 6 /  Android 14 for my Samsung S22 Ultras then perhaps I switch to another provider???

TELUS. WHEN can we expect the update? I am comparing rates while i wait for an answer. 


That isn't how updates work with the exception of AT&T in the US. Updates are pushed by the manufacturer in a staggered rollout. That means, some devices will get it sooner than others. If you can't wait. Head on over to XDA and update manually.

Just Moved In

I am with Telus and I own the Samsung 22 ultra and Android 14 was just released today. I am installing it right now. 11/29/2023

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Community Power User

This may be helpful:


Software Update Life-Cycle - TELUS Neighbourhood


This is the typical scenario that all carriers use.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.