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Affiliate Pricing

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I drive for food courier companies like UberEats, Skip, DoorDash. I've been advised by a couple of them that they have special affiliate pricing for drivers on mobility plans with Bell and Rogers (Red Wireless). The price savings is dramatic!

I've spent hours (literally) trying to see if Telus has the same sort of affiliate pricing. No one seems to know anything, and the time it takes for them to admit that is incredibly frustrating.

I've got someone from Roger's Red Wireless division just chomping at the bit to get me to switch, and is full of answers. My contract is up this month and you're about to lose a customer unless I get an answer fast.

Community Manager
Community Manager

EPP plans are typically provided through agreements between the employer and carrier. I would encourage you to ask the prime(s) in charge of employee perks if there is an agreement with TELUS in place and clarify the details. 

Alternatively, you can check your eligibility through this EPP portal.