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(999)999-9999 Text

I got a text stating I have money to be deposited from that number. When I look at my bank records I don't have any transfers with the amount it says. When I click the link I get a warning that it is a deceptive site and not to enter any info. Is this a legit text?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you expecting a deposit? If not it's likely malicious and clicking on any included links is risky.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

I get these texts now and then, including from numbers with all 9's in them. It's 100% a scam, and they are looking to steal your banking login credentials in order to access your bank accounts and transfer money out of it illegally. NEVER click on links from texts you don't know where they came from. It's also common to get texts from scammers pretending to be online stores like Amazon or Microsoft saying you are getting a "refund". 

Click on the message bubble then forward the message to 7726, you’ll get a text back from telus verify the number of the spam text.


More information on reporting texts can be read here. 


I got a similar message with a shortened URL https://is<dot>gd/akrm1g1h0r telling me my netflix service is disabled. When I unshortened the URL and checked it, it was "https://telus<dash>noreply<dot>info/ which appears to be a real TELUS site, but I didn't select it.

@enb54 wrote:

I got a similar message with a shortened URL https://is<dot>gd/akrm1g1h0r telling me my netflix service is disabled. When I unshortened the URL and checked it, it was "https://telus<dash>noreply<dot>info/ which appears to be a real TELUS site, but I didn't select it.

How did you come to that conclusion? It is not a Telus domain. That domain was created today and uses a sketchy registrar Porkbun LLC





Sorry, did not check further, just used an expander to get the domain, should have dug deeper. These crooks are getting trickier every day, I just tell people to not click on any link in any message that allegedly comes from any supplier, go to an official web site first. In today's supposed Netflix message I went to the Netflix site and checked, there was no cancellation of service, plus first I did report to TELUS 7726...

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Community Power User

Report the text, see my above post. Although I've already reported that same number

Highly doubt Telus would redirect you to a website to verify bank info. If anything they’d give their customer support number or tell ya to login into your MyTelus account.

Have since received and reported many SMS fake messages to TELUS, there is a lot more of this stuff floating around out there than there used to be. Email is also getting sneakier, we all just have to be extra vigilant and only go to official sites to check things, am at the point now where I never check/click on any links in messages, just go to the official site for whomever and log in...


Telus is not taking our security seriously. I am getting non-stop texts from (999)999-9999 of which 100% are fraudulent and reported to Telus 7726 

I don't really see how TELUS can block from receiving texts, if they block the 9999999999 number then the spammers will just use a random # generator to do it, this is the never ending story of criminals trying to steal your money, but now in the electronic information age. The STIR/SHAKEN protocols are not on many phones and until they are fully implemented I don't think this activity can be easily stopped...

In this day and age, I believe that most people have just adopted the strategy that they don't reply or answer calls or texts from numbers not already in their contact lists. I added 9999999999 to my blocked list ages ago. Any call or text from a number not on my contact list is automatically filtered to a spam folder on my phone. I double check the spam folder once a month just to make sure any legitimate texts didn't end up there, but 99% of the time, the folder is all junk. I mean who, in 2022, answers calls from unknown numbers anymore? That's so 2010.

You are correct, but I do get texts (SMS messages) from some unknown numbers that are real for instance selling stuff on Craig's list or Kijiji, so can't block all numbers not in my contact list. Once those STIR/SHAKEN protocols are fully implemented then the spammers will definitely have a harder time, but as with all criminal activities, they'll figure out some kind of work-around but it will have to be pretty sophisticated . The STIR/SHAKEN protocols involve software and hardware installed on the phone company's central office equipment and can't be easily circumvented by outsiders.

They should find out the company that is sending the SMS texts to them (the carrier of the originator) and block that carrier if they don't clean up their act.  This is going to be the only way to fix that.  It is quite likely a commercial SMS provider and not a mobile company.

It is unfortunately a more serious problem because of the way the internet is connected. The "mesh" system does not allow easy tracking of messages unless all providers flag all messages and allow all other providers to back track, so the best way to block messages is to stop all with certain tags. This of course is the situation we are in right now, with providers not willing to spend all those big bucks to eliminate all of these idiots. I for one am willing to spend those extra bucks...