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iPhone erroneously registered as lost


I have been dealing with an issue that has been insanely circular where I am not getting any resolve. I am on my fifth tech and still no progress; little to no communication. Here's the issue:

  1. I decide to use my own personal cell phone device under an employer's plan.
  2. When I left the employer I took my cell phone with me.
  3. I didn't touch my phone for several months and now when I am looking to activate it under a new plan I am being told that the phone has been flagged as lost.
  4. According to the support techs I have been dealing with, when I popped my employer's SIM card into my personal phone the "ownership" of my phone automatically goes to the previous employer due to some secondary terms and conditions (????).
  5. To complicate matters I bought this phone second hand so I don't have "proof of purchase".
  6. I am being told that they are trying to get a hold of my previous employer to see why they flagged it as lost.
  7. Been a week and I always start from scratch because no one knows how to get a hold of the previous call taker that supported my file.

How does this make sense? Under what authority does Telus take away my ownership of a device and give it to another simply based on seeing the IMEI register with the employer's SIM card.


How do I escalate this so the right people address this rather than following policy and procedures that can't handle my situation?



Try to get in touch with someone from the Executive Team.  That does sound completely silly that the SIM card decides ownership of a device and is `00% not the case.  

I will try this again.

Do you still have your receipt for the phone purchase?  If so, I would suggest taking it into Telus and having the ownership corrected.  If they fail to comply, take them to court over it and file a complaint with the CRTC and BBB.  Yeah, filing a complaint with the CRTC is basically useless and the BBB isn't much better, but it's something that might motivate them to resolve this issue.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Why not escalate this with your former employer? Seems they are the ones who could most easily correct the issue for you?


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Unfortunately I did not leave on the best of terms with them.