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ASUS 4G-AC68U LTE smarthub

So I took a chance to try this LTE smart hub from ASUS hoping it would be plug and play, got to the point where the network seen it but would not connect. Talked with multiple tech gurus and I guess TELUS locks down which smarthubs will work. So then what’s the point of BYOD?

I hate how locked down the zte and HUAWEI hubs are. The asus one would make my life so much easier and also to my other 2 asus router to extend my aimesh. Funny thing when trying to configure it based on location the only Canadian isp that was selectable was Rogers.

Please throw us a bone TELUS. Please!

Flash it with the Asus stock firmware.

Already did that when I first got it.


Tech support basically told me that it would work on the network but since its not a hub that Telus offers/supports they basically told me too bad. So i bought an expensive paper weight. It will most certainley connect to the network because I seen it show up in the config menu but the IMEI wasnt registered with telus so it wouldnt obviously work, i guess its not the same as just a SIM card into an unlocked phone. 


They said that the smart hub thing is very new to them??? But at least now they have better data blocks if you go over the limit. I think it was like $15 for 50 gigs of data (I max out 500 fairly easily).


I'm still going to get on their case about a static IP (only business accounts can get one but business accounts dont get the same data plans) cause the double NAT is really frustrating. I've been combing the internet to see if someone offers a different firmware for my huawei to see if I can unlock some options.


Or if i can find a Huawei B890 cause that has a bridge mode from what I've read (apparently discontinued by telus but again only available for business accounts).

That is becoming a common practice with Canadian carriers.  They want you to purchase things directly from them instead of buying it else where.