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Tracking Number?

So I ordered my google pixel on the 21st of December and have yet to receive a tracking number for my order. Tried calling the the web store 3 times, waited for a good hour each time and still no luck. Sent an email 2 days ago and no reply. Any ideas...

SamuelL by Just Moved In
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Cannot receive phone calls

well it sucks pretty bad when my mother is in the hospital with life threatening issues and i cannot receive phone calls and or make them all i get is dead air or super fast busy signals( not out of the norm on busy servers) but when and or if i miss...


Does Telus still sell Blackberry Priv? I went to a Telus store that says they do not....but they have it on display.

CAROLME by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Iphone7

Bestbuy has the 128gb for 0$ on premium plus plan can I get that thru u it's a Telus offer? Would like Telus expert advice on the right plan but don't think it's right to charge good customers 130$ when offering thru dealer for free

TishA by Just Moved In
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Website malfunctioning preventing from getting deal

So I'm trying to get in on one of the holiday specials but the online store is having issues and deal is available online only. Telus reps saying that I gotta keep trying to get through website but they have no idea if or when this is gonna work. Any...

rkzm by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Upgrading Phone, Will my Contract be Sufficient?

Hi, I'm looking into upgrading my phone, my current plan is a shared plan with another family member. My phone is listed under an 'add-on' to the plan, and is costing around 55 a month, with the total bill (mine and the family member) coming to aroun...

Resolved! One plus 3T

Hey there,I'm looking to purchase the One Plus 3T and I was wondering if 3rd party phones were supported with Telus? I'm thinking it should be okay as the OP3T comes unlocked to all carriers by default.

Judypaula by Just Moved In
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What things besides proof of address do you need when buying a phone on contract and having a new account?

Resolved! Trade in program

When you trade in a phone for credit do you need to bring the box, headphones and charger too?