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Resolved! Any Benefit to Unlocking Galaxy S8

Hello, Is there any benefit to me unlocking my Galaxy S8? (any reasons not to?) If yes, how do i go about this? do I just call Telus support and let them walk me through it?

Software update last night what is the version ?

Hey all I always look online for latest software version before I update incase of issues. I have had software update bugs before like the nougat update rendered camera useless overheating battery drain and other annoying problems. I am currently on ...

stbear007 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Upgrading To a Phone, But Switching Sims

Before I ask the question, let me explain myself and what situation I am in. My wife and I are under the same account, the same data plan, but different phone numbers. Because my contract doesn't end for a while, I don't want to pay it off to upgrade...

Josh2672 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Text messaging

How to send text messages to iPhones from my mac

siseli by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Buying minutes for a Telus phone.

My daughter does not have a cell phone. I have an extra Telus locked phone that I want to give her. Can she get a phone number for it and buy minutes for it.Thankyou

LG V30 Screen Issues

I am on my third LG V30 from Telus in two days! The first one was really bad where the top of the display was so much brighter than the rest of it. The second had one corner of the display that was significantly darker than the rest of the screen. Th...

Syaoran by Rockstar
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Device locked doesn't accept new SIM

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Telus two years ago. I recently got a new, unlocked phone and want to give away the old Galaxy S6 to my mother, who lives abroad. But the Galaxy S6 is locked and won't accept any other SIM card (I've tested) and retu...

natzilla by Just Moved In
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Telus is horrible

Customer service is a joke. Christmas time is no excuse. Hire more **bleep** people

Billy91 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! LG 9100 T

Can anyone tell me if the LG 9100 T phone uses a SIM card, and if so, where does it go?

Twopaws by Just Moved In
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