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Resolved! Samsung Galaxy S8 Updates

The GS8 on Telus seems to be at least two updates behind all the US carrier GS8's and the Unlocked one as well. Why is this? Is Telus usually so slow with updates?

simpson24 by Just Moved In
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I have the iPhone 6s and my warranty end December 23rd, if I go into the store will they switch my phone out for je newest iPhone if I ask for it for free cause my sister did that but I was just wondering because I'm interested in the iPhone 8 that m...

Nicolas by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pre-owned phones

HelloHi can you help me? Just want to know if its safe to buy a pre-owned phones online?

Clah by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Alcatel Go Flip

Can I use the whatsapp messenger application on this phone?

Shaun1 by Just Moved In
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New Galaxy S8 locked to wrong carrier (by mistake)

Hi, I just bought a S8 from Telus and used my old Fido SIMcard by mistake (there were too close from each other). The phone booted and installed apps from Fido, and now it's locked by... Fido! I'm moving to Telus, and I don't know what to do. I bet F...

tbalmeida by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Question About Family Plan and Purchasing Phone

Hey everyone. I'm a hardcore Android user and this year I'm looking to add to a family plan a Google Pixel (or perhaps a Pixel 2 when it comes out). However, I've got a question. At the moment, my family has a family plan that they're using with two ...

Snicket by Neighbour
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transfer of ownership

If someone transfers ownership of a cell phone to someone else, can they later report it stolen and have device deactivated I guess u would call it?

jess2085 by Neighbour
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ZTE MF275R LTE Smart Hub Battery

Hi,I recently purchased a ZTE MF275R LTE Smart Hub from Telus. It was shipped without a battery because they were low on stock. Has anyone else had the same happen and received their battery yet?

RoPoR by Just Moved In
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