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Huawei B890 optimal config for VOIP apps eg Teams and a few WLAN/Wi-Fi devices web browsing


Hi, started using a Huawei B890 at the cottage with an external booster antenna for mobile calling, MS Teams for VOIP calls and screen sharing, and general web browsing over WLAN/Wi-Fi so I can work remotely with my laptop and my child's laptop for school work.


Finding that the WLAN/Wi-Fi gets stuck regularly, Internet connectivity is lost by the laptops although the B890 status indicators and web admin portal all show that WAN / LAN  / WLAN are all functioning normally.


I'm not super familiar with all the advanced config for cellular modem / router in terms of buffer size etc.


Are there some settings I should adjust to improve the performance of the B890 in this circumstance?




PS I've been through the Telus guide for the Huawei B890 but that didn't answer my question


Is it possible to connect the laptop to the wired connection to see if it continues?

Are voice calls being made on the device when this disconnection happens?  Look at the network indicator and see if it is LTE or changes to 3G.


I don't have one of these devices myself, but I have used cellular data quite a lot, so I am making a best guess based upon the fact that you've received no replies.


- LTE is the preferred mode.

-Not every device uses VoLTE - which means it can go down to 3G or no data when there's a phone call.


If the problem happens during phone calls on the device and the status is changing to 3G, that's probably your issue.  I don't know if Telus can make it do VoLTE or not (voice over LTE).