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Very unhappy new cusfomer!

I am a very unhappy new customer who is frustrated because my IPHONE 14 Max pro 256 in gold that I paid for is missing. I wanted to cut off my services with freedom mobile but until now I am paying for another billing cycle because Telus and UPS cannot locate my phone. The package had a tracking number and signature is required, so on that day I saw it was out for delivery I waited for the phone to arrive. I work night shifts but I did not sleep just to wait for it. It never arrived! The next day I noticed it still had an estimated arrival time by the end of the day but I noticed the package was not moving at all, it was not indicating that the phone was out for delivery so I called UPS to follow up with the facility where the phone was stored. They promised to email me but failed to do so! I waited all day again, did not get that much sleep and i went to my night shift work. The next day I called UPS again to update me, and they said it would be delivered today (Jan 12/2023) They ensured me that it was going to come so I slept, but still did not have a peace of mind. I woke up 2 hours later to check if the delivery status is changed because I really don’t want to miss the delivery. It was past 12 in the afternoon, still no changes. UPS said the package cannot be located so they had advised me to file a claim. They gave me a link for the claim and I tried to complete it. It turns out Telus has to file the claim so I phoned Telus and was on hold for 2 hours. Telus refused to file a claim if it has not been 7 days missing. I refuse to wait! I want to be out from this investigation and just want to get my new phone.
Agent had advised me to go to a store and mention there is a store that sell Corporate phones. I have to pay for taxes upfront for the phone again and wait until they received the device again (30 days max) to receive my refund for the taxes I paid on the missing phone. I refused to do that because I have no money to take out, and demanded to speak to a manager.

According to the Telus manager there are no stores that deals with EPP, and all EPP sales are ordered online or through the phone. I did a little research and found several that can offer EPP discount. Telus manager lied to me! I just want to cancel the order and go to the store but there is no more promotion of $55 for 50GB anymore! If I go to the store they dont have my GOLD iphone and will be charged more to the plan. I am not being compensated for the inconvenience for waisting my time on hold for hours on the phone when I should be in my bed sleeping! I lost another $109 because I cannot cancel my freedom mobile until I receive the Telus phone and sim card! I am so closed to just cancelling the contract since I dont have the phone yet until now. This is giving me a lot of stress. I am waiting for a phone that is not going to arrive. Telus customer service is not being helpful at all. I called UPS again they agreed to file the claim in my behalf. So screw u telus why do i have to wait a few days for the claim. Keep me out of the investigation!

Friendly Neighbour

Well he was kind of right.  Telus stores do not deal with EPP.  But SOME telus authorized retailers can.  Depending on where you live in Canada you should have one nearby.  I know the best on in BC is Tom Harris cellular. That is where I go for all my Telus EPP issues.  But keep in mind once you have started an EPP sale then it may get confusing for them to manage something that wasn't started on their end. Also it is important to note since they make no money for EPP (the authorized resellers) they charge a fee for service.


I feel your pain with waiting for Telus - they are really suffering on the front end client phone call situation.  


i think what I do if I was you would be to go to an EPP store and tell them that you want to "add a line" to your account with a new device.  Get them to set you up with the device you want and plan and get yourself a phone.  Then deal with telus corporate when you have time.  If you call back mid morning like I did today, then sometimes it will give you an option for them to call YOU back.  But the "call back" appointments fill up quick and once they do the option is removed for the day.


If you need to find an EPP provider where you live let me know - there are different ones across Canada.


I wish you all the best and feel your pain.