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EPP Phone Order "Processed" Status

Just Moved In

Hi everyone,

Just want to ask and seek help if anyone is facing the same problem as me. I ordered a Samsung Z Flip 4 with an EPP offer (I'm working for Vancouver Coastal Health) online on Jan 1st, 2023. The process was a smooth process and a nice deal ($10 for phone-BIB + $50 for 20GB plans + free Earbuds 2). After I placed it, It says the phone will be shipped in 5-7 days. I got the email saying that my order was placed and it appears at the 2nd step-"Processed". On Jan 6th, I checked the order status again, and surprisingly, it go back to the 1st step-"Order Placed". I sent an email to the Online Order team and they say "Please be advised that your online order is still subject for assessment." I was surprised because I thought I was eligible when I check it on the website. Now I have to wait more and the most frustrating thing is there is no more communication or progress tracking and no estimated time or anything. I want to cancel the order and place another one but when I check the EPP offer today, all the promotions are gone and the price just jump up. Does anyone have any experience with this and how can I talk directly to the Telus team to speed up the process? Thank you