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Upgrading a Phone on Existing Family Plan


Hello Telus Neighborhood,

I had some questions concerning upgrading my phone on an existing family plan, as the title suggests. Below is a summary of my situation.

I currently have a Galaxy S8 phone (first purchased the year of initial release) while on a family plan consisting of 2 lines (myself & 1 other). We were recently in a 2 year contract as my co-plan user upgraded their phone with a purchase through Telus using their financing options. The contract ends in the first week of July 2022. I bought a new Samsung Galaxy phone online from the Samsung website directly due to a large sale, knowing it was a phone that is carried & supported by Telus. Paying for an upgraded/new SIM card is no issue since the two phones are understandably generations apart. For personal reasons, conversations with my co-plan partner is pretty sparse/difficult & since it is "their" account, they are reluctant to give me their account credentials (fair enough).

My question now is, if I go to a Telus shop in-person to upgrade my phone while keeping my number & plan all the same, is this possible without me knowing the MyTelus account information? I'm wondering if it's possible for me to just walk-in to a Telus store with my newly purchased phone & get them to change any info necessary while swapping the SIM?

(All the information I could find online seemed to focus around upgrading phones while buying a new phone through Telus)

Thanks to anyone who can offer me any insight on this procedure!



Community Power User
Community Power User

The primary account holder is the only one that can make any changes to the account.


The S8 uses a nano sim. The latest Samsung galaxy uses ESIM and nano SIM card. You could just pop it into the new phone.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The S8 should be using a nano-SIM card. You should only need to put that into the new phone and you should be up and running. I'm not sure if a specific newer SIM is needed for 5G though. You should also be able to transfer your data from the S8 to the new phone as part of the set up process.


If the plan is under the other person's account, and you're not authorized on it, Telus won't register a new SIM to the account in store or on the phone. If you don't have access to the actual mobility account, you wouldn't be able to even swap the SIM online if you bought a new card. As of July, you may want to price out your own account/plan, if the current plan holder is willing to release your phone number.

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