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Swapping Dual sim/esim data priority S21FE all the time?


Can anyone answer why you have to swap between primary Sim every time I need to download a picture or something in my Messeges from my different numbers? Is it the way the phones are setup on Telus?
I've been using private Dual sim unlocked phones for the last 7 years and haven't had to do this, but when I went to the work S21 with a sim card & esim, I have to swap in the Sim Manager every time I need to download something from the other sim. Pain in the ass!

Thinking of just down grading the OS on my OnePlus 7t and going back to it. Don't remember having to do this in the past.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @sirhc_c that probably has to do with the primary sim having the data and not the other one. If both a primary and secondary line support data, only one can use it at a time and usage would come out of the data feature that's defaulted in the phone's cellular settings.


DSDS or Dual-SIM dual standby means that while one is active, the other is in standby. If you are on a call on one SIM, the any incoming calls on the other will go directly to voicemail on the other or just not ring to your device if you don't have voicemail. DSDA or Dual-SIM dual active is where both SIM's are active at the same time. The S23 series and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset support this but it is not enabled on any North American firmware. Some DSDS devices, like OnePlus, have the ability to use both data connections at the same time in tandem but calling is still only limited to one SIM at a time.