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New plan can't add tablet online

Just Moved In
I just signed up for a 100gb unlimited plan. I signed up through my employer promo. It allows tablet add on. However when I signed up I could only check out if I wanted to buy a device.
Whenever I try to add a line it asks me for my info and then I get sent to a promos for my employer for a whole new plan which is a continuous feedback loop.
I went in today to see a rep and he wanted to charge me 50 bucks to hand me the card.
Doesn't seem fair considering my promo said no connection fees and neither the original checkout allowed it; nor trying to add it after

Any thoughts?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Paedrig your best bet would be to reach out to our EPP team directly at 1-866-848-3587. As we don't have access to their deals here, that'd be your best option so they can investigate this further for you.