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Roaming- Turn off on App gone. Telus's craven greed


So my family is in Europe for 2 weeks.  I am having them each get a Euro Sim card at a cost of $6 for 2 weeks, as opposed to the colossal rip off that Telus would charge for those 2weeks of $225 (like how's that even possible). But in order to ensure I don't pay the roaming charges it used to be that I could turn off data roaming for each phone through the app. But that option has just now disappeared (geez I wonder why Telus), and I am stuck hoping, praying, that my kids will actually turn off roaming themselves on their phone and get the Sim cards.

I have now been on the phone with Telus for over 45 minutes to see if there is a work around. It now appears there is not. 


I'm going back to Rogers. Or maybe Some US carrier.  I just cannot believe how I cannot cancel a service that I don't want. 


Telus can disable roaming. You need to be the account holder and have to request that through Customer Service. It will disable all roaming though. Not just data. The Easy Roam scam is the biggest cash grab the Canadian carriers have to gouge customers.

Yeah, I know that. Thanks though.How the account holder (me) cannot disable roaming through the app/ desktop account is as big a scam. The only reason they do that is for this exact reason.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, sorry to hear you're thinking of leaving. We do have articles to help with roaming such as this one.


We hear you though, and recommend submitting this over in our Ideas section so it can be forwarded to the appropriate team. Hope your family has a safe and fun trip!