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Porting OUT number but keeping TELUS plan active with new number?

I have a porting question. 

I have a TELUS plan that's grandfathered. I want to keep my TELUS  plan but get a new phone number for it and use my current TELUS phone number to port OUT to Public Mobile.  What would be the best way of doing this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Should be doable in theory. In order to port out, your number must be active on a plan (prepaid, etc) so you'd need to do a number swap and then port out a line.


Hi Did you get your issue sorted out? Need to do the same, port my old number from PM to telus line but without cancelling that old PM account.

Porting a phone number usually involves transferring the number from one service provider to another, effectively closing the account with the old provider. Swapping phone numbers between accounts while keeping both accounts active, including their rewards and funds, is not supported.

Ok thanks. Then I'll ask it this way. after loosing my main number by changing it in account settings, where this number goes and for how long? Can I select it again on my new Telus line from the pool of phone numbers? and if so, when it becomes available?

Numbers stay in the system for 90 days and then can be reassigned, unless someone activates a line within that 90 day period and specifically asks for that exact number. After the 90 days, it's available to be reassigned.