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People’s delayed iPad Pro 4th gen

I ordered an the iPad Pro 4th gen last Sunday and I was reading through the forums and is it most likely I will experience the same delays? Or has things decided to shift and have products pushed faster?
Just curious because I become really impatient when it comes to ordering stuff online as per most people I believe especially when there is no estimated delivery date. But thank you for helping “Brandon T” u must be really stressed helping out others so thank u for your courtesy to help. 😊

Hello @Momonkey76

I foresee us getting them at the end of this month or end of Aug at this point. When I ordered mine ok the 24th via Telus? I checked out Apple ( same model and all) and their website showed 3-4 weeks ( July 15th- Aug 5th delivery. So it seems like it would be the same time for us. I heard Telus is getting 2 batches in July so who knows if that’s true.

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Hi @Meowmix I received an email just now, my iPad has already been shipped. Hoping you received the same email! 

Hi @AnneGMD

Nice!. Unfortunately no email here.

" Order placed
Order placed June 24, 2020.
We're processing your order, which you should receive within 6-8 weeks.
When your order ships, we'll send you the tracking number. If we need further information, we’ll email you.

That's all I see still. We shall see what happens. I'm giving them by the end of today. If nothing? I'm cancelling.

Hey guys!

So it's 5:50PM Friday and to my surprise? UPS knocked on my door ( thankfully I was home) and my iPad came! I guess Telus did us all good by shipping them as quick as they could! However disappointed that I never got a email to let me know it shipped and on the order status page it still shows its in progress. So guessing they just started to ship them all with only a few getting emails and everyone else just having them delivered like a gift! Haha.

Enjoy everyone who got it!

Hi I ordered an iPad Pro 4th Gen on May 15th in hopes that it would arrive in time for my 11 year old daughter to use for the remainder of her online learning due to covid. During the order process it said it should arrive in 3-5 business days but when I check the status it just keeps saying “order placed on May 15” and it should arrive in 3-4 weeks. It has now been 5 weeks and I was just wondering if anyone knows if they are back ordered or is the delay covid related and if so is there any estimation on when things will start shipping?

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There have been several recent discussions regarding the iPad. 



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I ordered June 12 and got an email a few days later saying that it won't be available until July 6. I guess my order was on hold and I needed to contact them to say I still wanted it and was willing to wait. After I did, my order status showed "order approved."

I ordered mine on June 8th and was quoted 7-14 business days. I still have not received any details on my order. From the sounds of it around here, it looks like I might be waiting a lot longer. But I wish someone from Telus would have sent an email about delays in shipping my order or that when I ordered there was some sort of prompt that there would be an accurate timeline. 


As of now, I am sitting with some accessories but no Ipad pro. 

Just an update, I just received an email stating my order will be shipped later than expected... 6-8 weeks from purchase date of May 15th. This week is week 7 so hopefully next week I will get a better email saying it has shipped!

I finally got a response too, and got the exact same as you. 6-8 weeks from purchase date... I ordered mine on June 2nd. I'm happy they're finally communicating with their customers.

Hello @Wynn

I knew from the date I ordered it. Seems like Telus is going to take forever to get them in. 3-4 weeks Apple vs 6-8 weeks Telus..

I'm glad you guys got some sort of communication!

Another update, as of this morning my iPad has been shipped. I received the shipping email late last night.

Hope everyone else hears something soon!

Hello @amylynn74

Nice! It seems Telus only got a limiter amount in for only the orders done in May. So I'm taking it whomever ordered in June? Will get it end of July - August..


I ordered May 21, 2020 and no updates yet....

Hello @Momonkey76

I foresee us getting them at the end of this month or end of Aug at this point. When I ordered mine ok the 24th via Telus? I checked out Apple ( same model and all) and their website showed 3-4 weeks ( July 15th- Aug 5th delivery. So it seems like it would be the same time for us. I heard Telus is getting 2 batches in July so who knows if that’s true.

Wow you're still waiting for your order from May? If they haven't even finished delivering all of the May orders then I imagine that it'll be at least a month before they can start working on the June orders! Hopefully you get your shipment confirmation soon. 

Hey guys!

It seems to be a issue with Rogers too. Checked their forums and one person is still waiting for their ipad 11.

So hopefully it comes soon but I can't wait much longer lol.

Yes, still patiently waiting.... May 21, 2020.... it’s now been 8 weeks + 1 day.  I did see a post someone who ordered May 15th got a shipping confirmation.  

Any update @Momonkey76 ? I've just resent my previous email asking about updates on my order because I sent it a week ago, and no response. 😞 The lack of communication from Telus is driving me nuts.

Hello @Wynn

I complained online and tempted to contact the BBB And CRTC regarding the lack of unethical and awful work on how Telus so calls contacts their customers. They haven't emailed anyone back regarding this matter nor made any effort. The ONLY TIME I got the email? Was because I called into Telus and a manager thankfully got them to email me but it's a generic email which they also use for the iPhone launches. So it's getting ridiculous. Apple has made effort. Rogers ROGERS has made effort on their online forums and also now contacting them via email. I know this we I also am on those forums too ( and help out).

I know the pandemic has put a dent into things but let's be real. Telus sure seems to be making some awful excuses. You're telling me their online team can't handle to respond to emails from customers? I have spoken to a few Telus reps which tell me that their call centres are going back to how it was before and some are working from home. So it's a excuse.

I’m giving them one more week to respond and if I get nothing, I’m calling to cancel my order and close my account with them. It’s sad because I’ve been with Telus for about 13 years, but it’s going on 2 months since I’ve ordered and they’ve only sent one generic email. Also sounds a lot like different reps are saying different things. As a loyal customer I feel like I’ve been forgotten about, so I’m ready to move on at this point.

I recorded 3 conversations with 3 different reps including also 2 live chats. All 5 of them give different answers to when it's coming / what's happening and also their own inputs. I even played then for a manager and she was shocked on how reps have little knowledge yet they say so much without knowing.. Very nice manager I have to say.

It's ridiculous to say that a telecommunications company can not commit to communication properly right.. I get it Apple is having issues with the manufacturing of the tablets and shipments BUT Telus should be sending out weekly or biweekly emails to the ones who ordered those tablets. Especially replying back to the emails too.