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Peace of Mind connect devices?

Just Moved In

Hello there,

The $90 peace of mind plans are tempting.

I have 2 cell phones (one for work apps and email, don't use calling or texting) and a USB data stick.

The eligible devices on the Telus website are tablets, watches and Drive+.

If I set up the two extra sim cards as tablets, but one in my second phone and the third in my USB data stick, would all three work and share data?

I understand that only the original phone sim would be able to send and receive calls and texts, which suits me just fine.

Does Telus check what devices are using what? Would I be going against terms and conditions by doing this?

Thanks in advance.


Community Power User
Community Power User

To my knowledge, the device report’s itself to the network with enough information for it to be determined the type of device. In particular, I expect the data stick would attract attention, as there are prohibitions on using the data to replace wireline based internet.


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