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pixel 5 not shipping until February

Just Moved In
I placed an order for a pixel 5 from the Black Friday sale in November and I've now gotten an email that it won't ship until February.

I called support and it took them an hour an 45 minutes to tell me there was nothing they could do and offered me a different phone at a price higher than what's on the website.

Is anyone else in this situation?

I had to pay taxes and activation for a phone I don't have for 3 months


Sorry to hear that pretty extreme having to wait 3 months. Google Store is showing "out of stock" and Telus/Koodo are now showing same, probably wasn't the case when you ordered. Rogers/Fido don't even have Pixel 5 listed, and Bell shows "available for order and delayed shipping". Best Buy supposedly has it online (can put in cart) but doesn't state availability, likely won't give status until gone through checkout. So yeah not a promising outlook likely being another victim of covid. The whole world has been in a tailspin last few weeks and even now that the vaccine has started to become available don't expect things to improve anytime soon... Christmas and New Years are gonna be barn burners just wait and see.


So yeah not good. My suggestion, get Telus to null and void your transaction as they rightfully should. If you wish not too then guess you'll just have to grin and bear it. Kinda left with few options here I'd say.