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No shipping confirmation

I ordered an iPhone 11 pro over a week ago and haven't gotten any shipping information. I called yesterday and was told it was awaiting pick up at the warehouse. I called today because the lady I spoke with said I should have confirmation by end of day yesterday or this morning. The lady I spoke with today told me it's on back order and they don't have it and can't ship it but when I ordered it said it was In Stock, I checked online again after the call and to no surprise it says In Stock and I was told that I couldn't get a refund unless I emailed them which I did 3 days ago with no response. Anyone else have a similar problem? Did you get a refund or the product? SOMEONE TELL ME WHY THEY SAID ITS READY TO SHIP THEN ITS ON BACK ORDER AND NOW I CANT GET A REFUND???? Sorry for tell but I'm extremely frustrated. A simple email saying it was back ordered or delayed in shipment Would have been nice.


I've been in similar situations (several times) where the status of my order has sat in limbo for days, even for more than a week, then boom changes to "shipped" arriving the next day. I'm sure the pandemic is factoring into this as well.


As for showing 'in stock". I'd take that with a grain of salt as never found it to be an exact science, it's not just Telus either as it applies to many retailers.


Sounds like those you contacted ended up being a case of "the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing". And a lot of times they just tell you what they think you want to hear just to appease, it's nothing new.


In my instances never attempted a refund just letting it take its course. Eventually my ordered arrived and once again we were a happy camper LOL. Yes was frustrating at times but as a consumer there isn't a whole heck of a lot one can do. If you want a refund best bet now is to wait for package to arrive then do a return.


Anyway feel your pain hoping in the end it all works out for you, best of luck.




I ordered a device May 7/20 & it has not showed up yet.


I contacted Telus Mobility by email May 11/20 (The only way to contact them), an automated reply said to expect a reply to take 3-4 days. As of today (May 18/20) I have not yet received a reply.


In my opinion Telus customer service is BRUTAL, I would say you have at least a week or more until your order ships. However you should of received an order confirmation the next day.