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I am currently subscribed to unlimited text including MMS but it's not working on my cellphone.

I phoned Telus and I was told that I need to have a data plan. I don't think I need to have a data plan to be able to use MMS if it is included in my subscription. If it is included Telus should set it up so I can use it. I look at my APN and it was not set up.

I was told in the beginning when I switched my plan that I should be able to send MMS (pictures and videos).


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hey there @Ema , great question!

Quick Solution

  1. Using your TELUS Online Account, or by calling TELUS you add a $3 data block feature.
  2. Make sure to change your phones settings so data is enabled
  3. As an extra precaution, check to see if MMS is enabled in your phones messaging settings.
  4. You are now able to send/receive MMS message (messages over 160 characters, or messages that contain pictures/videos)


Based on the context of your message, you are on a cellphone plan that does not include data. If that's true, I will assume you are on the in-market Voice 35 plan. If that's true, then your plan includes unlimited Canada-Wide calling, texting, and PPU (Pay-Per-Use) data. Although this plan is advertised as a "Talk&Text" plan, it actually includes data access too.


  • Warning: Before we continue, you should know, PPU data is the most expensive option for using data. You pay per MB used, and if you don't know how much data and app is using per second, you can wind up with a $50 data overage real quick. The PPU data feature on this plan is only a affordable option for those rarely use data, and when they do, they carefully manage their usage and are aware of the PPU charges. Another great use for PPU data is for emergency situations. 

  • Data Blocks: For the majority of people on this plan, they have some type of data block on their phone. There are 3 was to block your data, each with their own pros, and cons.

    • Option #1 - Disable data using device settings
      • Its free
      • Ability to turn on/off data with a click of a button in an emergency, or when you want to use data.
      • Unable to send/receive MSS message.

    • Option #2 - Disabling data using your TELUS Online Account
      • Its free
      • Ability to turn on/off data in a few minutes when you want to use data.
      • If there is more than one phone number on your account, you can disable other devices data remotely. This is great as a parent when you want your kids to come out of their bedrooms for dinner, or as a effective punishment.
      • Unable to send/receive MMS messages.

    • Option #3 - $3 Data Block Add-on
      • Ability to send/receive MMS messages.
      • Never worry about accidental data overage charges when you quickly turn data on/off using the previous two methods.
      • It costs $3 - but the plan is only $35, so for an extra $3, and peace of mind, its well worth it.
      • Unable to use data in an emergency situation, you CAN however still use your phone to call emergency services.

Don't like these options? As an alternative, you can use 3rd party apps (not provided by TELUS) which allow you to text, video chat, and send media such as pictures, videos, and audio recording using WiFi. Some great apps to look into are: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage (Apple only), Google Hangouts, or Skype. There are many more to choose from. 


Question & Answers

"I don't think I need to have a data plan to be able to use MMS if it is included in my subscription."

  • While technically MMS is included in your plan, it only works if you have data enabled on your cellphone. By the sounds of it, you have the data toggle on your phone set to disable, and therefor are not using all features of the plan, which in turn causes other features which are reliant on data to also stop working. 

"I look at my APN and it was not set up"

  • TELUS will often automatically update your APN settings. In order to update, a data connection is required. This is likely the reason you had to enter this in manually. To ensure you setup your APN settings, Click Here to be directed to the support page with the correct settings.


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