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Huawei P20/P20 Pro EMUI 10 Update!

So anyone out there in Telus mobility land actually receive yet?

Reason for asking is I'm really starting to enjoy watching paint dry and thats making me very nervous lol.

Yeah what huge farce this has become. Nothing today either so wondering how long we are going to be strung along this time before another date arises (almost 2 months time had surpassed since Telus threw out the last, NOW bologna, release date of June 24), or the lights just go out completely. Latter sounds the most plausible.

FINALLY!!!!! Arrived on my P20 Pro w/July's security patch yet still MIA on my P20. No party though as everyone's loooooooooooong gone lol.

im jealous 😞 nothing here yet

That's too bad hopefully you'll see it soon. I'm in Western Canada (BC Interior).

Checked my P20 today but Nada but then it has always trailed by a week or so. Anticipating sometime next week.

btw when I manually check for updates data point out to '''' and  ''''  this is not provided by telus OTA servers?

Community Power User
Community Power User is Huawei's mobile cloud servers where users can sync their phone data. Huawei has also posted firmware updates under in the past also. It's possible the OTA update could come from Telus but it may also come from Huawei too. I wouldn't be surprised if Huawei is sending user data to their servers even if the user hasn't signed up for a HiCloud account. Sending user data to China is one thing they've been accused of doing many times in the past.

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I'm 100% convinced Huawei never relinquishes control with these updates as this whole EMUI 10 rollout fiasco eludes to that.

wow!!!! finally!!!


Quebec = Aug. 28

Yup finally is absolutely right! Received it on my P20 same day/date, Pro on Aug 21st.

The good news, for me anyways. All's running smoothly so far w/o any noticable impact on battery life or performance. Can't say it was worth the wait but at least it's done and over with... Dark mode was my biggest want.

I have a Huawei P20 Pro CLT-L04 in Victoria, BC

The update downloaded sometime in the last few days.

I had to get off the WiFi because the Telus server was blocked

But then the RESTART button worked and a few minutes the install was complete.



EMUI 10.0.0

Not surprised one bit to hear that method didn't work. Just like eRecovery and the Support App (formerly HiCare) that other's have used to acquire the EMUI 10 upgrade sooner. Obviously certain regions are restricted from bypassing the normal OTA upgrade process on Huawei device's which is a bummer, especially in this case.