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Huawei P20/P20 Pro EMUI 10 Update!

So anyone out there in Telus mobility land actually receive yet?

Reason for asking is I'm really starting to enjoy watching paint dry and thats making me very nervous lol.

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Community Power User

It was supposed to get the Android Q update last month. The EMUI. Update appears to be for the P30.

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Android Q/10 and EMUI 10, essentially same thing with Huawei just putting their spin on it. EMUI 10.1 is for P30/P30 Pro whereas EMUI 10 is supposedly now landing on P20/P20 Pro and P30 Lite here in Canada, after many many may many months and umpteen delays... With the latter three devices some regions received said update way back in January/February (China/India) so that tells you slow of a rollout it has been. Yup I've been to the moon and back many a times following this one and let me tell you I have never seen anything like in 10 years of using Android.


Telus, Koodo, Fido and Rogers all posted June 24 as to when it would become available but Huawei never officially released until June 27 - mid-June was the supposed w/Huawei pushing it back to end-of-June on the 19th - and the only carrier's I've heard actually delivering have been Rogers and Fido but there's been less of a handful of reports on that, plus cannot say whether everyone who supposedly received was using a carrier variant of the P20/P20 Pro or an unlocked variant.


So yeah just putting out feelers to see if anyone w/Telus has received since I've seen no reports anybody actually has. And I'm not so quick to blame Telus here as I truly believe Huawei still has their mits in this somewhere somehow.

I waiting (somewhat) patiently for EMUI 10 for my Huawei P20 pro too.


It really is too bad Huawei locked these devices otherwise I would have moved to Lineage already.


I assume it has something to do with China wanting to mine data from these devices. 😞


anyone have news on this? I still have no update yet (Quebec) P20 PRO. according to the schedule release date  was June 24

Nope nothing other than this response I got from Huawei today (July 29)...

"We gladly inform you that the EMUI 10 update is already rolling for the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro in Canada. It is also important to let you know that the updates are rolled out by IMEI number batches, this depends on, the carrier, the region in which you are located and the date and place of purchase. Considering this information, the system update is not pushed to all phones simultaneously. Therefore, you may receive it earlier or later than other devices."

Item of note "rolled out by IMEI number batches". Think their batch must be 2 per day going by the 8ish months that have passed so far. Are the last Huawei's for me.

Insanity ensues again so it looks like we are getting the royal treatment from behind, again! New revelation, EMUI 10 for P20/P20 Pro NOW has a new release date of Aug 19!!!!!!!! Koodo/Fido are the only ones who show that date while Telus/Rogers removed both devices from their listings. What do ya think of them apples?


Fourty six days and counting since it was indicated EMUI 10 would be rolling out to P20 & P20 Pro here in Canada yet still MIA!!!! Beyond belief especially considering the first stable release landed on some variants in other regions way back in December 2019!!!!

 if only they give us any new on it or whatever so we can know.

Now the Telus update schedule page (updated Aug 14) indicates Aug 17 is the magic date showing "Android Q + optimization" for P20 and P20 Pro?


For real or otherwise we're making some major changes that doesn't includes Huawei and no longer relies on carrier's for device's and update support... My LG G8X ThinQ bought through Telus is getting the cold shoulder treatment too (two updates in 10 months), that's definitely not acceptable heading into 2021. Already have my devices so soon we'll be free woohoo!

I always  had bad luck with all my phones for updates.. htc desire, nexus 5 (had lineageos on it after a while tho) galaxy s6 and now p20. I think the next phone im going to switch to the dark side of the fruit even if I don't really want to

Apple is definitely tops, Google follows in a somewhat distant second, and think Samsung trails in third differing somewhat on model(s) chosen. This is for devices readily available in our region/country and may differ elsewhere.


I've had varying results over the years mostly not great, but I thought by now (especially heading into 2021) things would be much better off on the update support front yet not finding that to be the case. If anything we've stalemated to a degree or are moving backwards, imo.


As for this EMUI 10 update that has been rolling out for many Huawei device models, and taking eons to complete. Never ever seen anything likes this before, easily has to be precedent setting and the worst by far from any OEM to-date. I'd be burring my head in the sand due to embarrassment if I were tied to such a fiasco. And I don't believe for a second the majority it has anything to do with the pandemic.


P.S. Almost had the fruit in my basket (lol) but thought better of it, highly plausible it still may happen if things don't start to improve though.



Just as predicted, Aug 17 and it's a big fat nothing!


Nope no panic just disgusted how long this is taking and dates that NEVER materialize. Considering it's been 8-9 months since first stable release of EMUI 10 began landing on the P20 & P20 Pro sure in the heck can't be that many left out in the wild that haven't gotten it. Both mine sit idle in their respective boxes (reset and not set up per se) so not like we need to feel the experience now so-to-speak, it's the principal of the matter being strung along for so so sooooo long... Easily has to be a Guinness World Record for a next letter upgrade to complete on a smartphone series.

so basically on my p20 pro my last security updates are from january 😖

Both mine too. What's annoying Huawei didn't seem fit to give them their last two security patches before reaching EOL - never were monthly even though they stated in writing they would be - so par for the course I guess. Then they had an opportunity to make up for lost time (EMUI 10 delay) to provided another security patch or two yet chose to basically pull the plug then and there. Obviously our market means nothing to them and I'm gladly reciprocating that sediment.

Do I dare check today?

Do I even dare check today?

keep dreaming