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Galaxy Note 10+ can't send MMS messages

Just Moved In

I just switched from Rogers to Telus 2 days ago. Initially, everything was working fine, including my MMS group chats.


About halfway through yesterday, I noticed that my MMS messages were failing to send. I can still use RCS "Chat" messages, but when I try to send MMS messages (to iPhone users) It just sits there for several minutes then fails to send.


I have verified my Telus SP access point settings, and best as I can tell everything is in order. How would I go about resolving this?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you using an iPhone, and if so, is the Messages option turned on?

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Good day,

Did you used to have an iPhone?  If you move from an iPhone to another phone (like the Galaxy note) you have to either turn off iMessage either before you move from the iPhone or using a web page after.  It is called "deregistering" your number from imessage.

I hope that helps.