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Can I get the same promo price on returned and refunded phone.

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I bought a PREPAID phone and it was defective. I returned and got a refund. I have tried 10x from web escalations, on the phone with support etc to see if I can repurchase that same phone at the promo price ($120). The phone now is listed at $145. The answers have varied,..yes I can, no I can't, call a Telus store and negotiate etc. This is now 2 months since I ordered the phone online, still no resolve. TELUS,..I am trying to give you my money, as I have for nearly 20 years. Why is this so hard. So please let me know if this is possible, with an answer or with a name and contact if possible. This will be my final effort. Thanks


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Community Power User

You already posted that question.


Unfotunately you will need to contact Telus directly. The forums are inhabited mainly by Telus customers. $145 is still cheaper than what I can see that phone going for elsewhere online now. The $120 promo price looks like it was likely a boxing day/week promo from a post I saw on RFD. If you didn't request a replacement device when you returned the old one, I wouldn't be confident that Telus would offer a promo price from two months ago.

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