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“Bring it back” amount that you have to pay if you decide to keep phone at end of plan



Does anybody know where to find the specific “Bring it back” amount by phone model? I mean the amount that you have to pay at the end of 2 years plan if you decide to keep the phone? They talk about that amount but it is not specified anywhere, I looked...

Thank you!


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Lucie ,


How to find the Bring-It-Back price for the device you activated / renewed.

The most accurate place to view your Bring-It-Back amount is by viewing your Service Agreement which was either emailed, mailed, or provided in paper form at a store. 


If you did not receive a Service Agreement, you can find it on your TELUS online account.

  1. Sign into My TELUS
  2. Go to My Profile tab
  3. Click on the View and download link under Your Service Agreements
  4. Choose the desired Customer Service Agreement


How to find the Bring-It-Back price for all devices TELUS has to offer.

Before completing these instructions, make sure you are logged out of your My TELUS account on the device you are using to find the Bring-It-Back amount. You can do this by looking at the top right of your screen, finding your name with the word Logout next to it. There is a way to do this while logged in, but that requires additional steps which vary.


  1. Go to the TELUS website.
  2. Select Mobility - Locate right beside the TELUS logo.
  3. Select Phones - Located on the left column.
  4. Select a phone of your choosing with a retail price of $1000 or more. (lower cost devices are not eligible for BIB)
  5. Select the green Buy Now button.
  6. You will not have a page that shows a picture of the device, memory size options, availability, etc. Scroll down until you see a section called "Pick device payment option".
  7. Make sure "Get the lowest month price with Bring-It-Back is selected/green"
  8. Choose a payment option such as Pay $0 upfront, or Get the lowest month bills with Bring-It-Back.
  9. Select "See price breakdown"
  10. Look for Bring-It-Backᵀᴹ and the amount to the right is the amount you would owe at the end of the 2 year agreement if you decide to keep the device instead of getting a new device.


Hopefully that helps answer your questions 🙂

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So you only pay the Bring-it-back amount and not the "device credit" too?


I was told both had to be paid when I spoke to a rep last week.


S20+ has 320$ Bring-it-back and 300$ device credit.


So it's really 320$ and not 620$?

Why would you pay back a "device credit"?

That doesn't make any sense.

Exactly, I shouldn't yet they twist the truth and say that it's a bring it back bonus... I have the actual offer right now and it still says here that it's a device credit..

Hi @Septra777 ,


Great question!

Looking at the TELUS website today, I see the following...

  • Retail Price $1875
  • Bring-It-Back Bonus -$300
  • Easy Payment Bonus Discount -$295
  • Promotional discount -$380
  • Bring-It-Backᵀᴹ -$320


Discounts - These discounts are for you to keep.

  • Easy Payment Bonus Discount -$295
  • Promotional discount -$380
  • You saved a total of $675 compared to buying the phone outright (off contract). You keep these savings.


Bring-It-Back - These discounts are either temporary or permanent depending on if you bring the phone back or not. 

  • Bring-It-Back Bonus -$300
  • Bring-It-Backᵀᴹ -$320
  • You saved a total of $620 ($25.83/month for your 24 month agreement) If you bring the phone back.

  • If you return the device: You can enjoy a lower monthly bill ($25.83 less/month) for the remaining agreement, return the device 24 months later, get a newer phone, and you don't have to pay the Bring-It-Back amounts of $620.

  • If you keep the device: You can enjoy a lower monthly bill ($25.83 less/month) for the remaining agreement, pay the Bring-It-Back amounts totaling $620, and you now own the device. This is essentially going back in time 24 months ago, and not choosing Bring-It-Back.


Regardless of everything above, you will still walk away with a $675 (34%) in savings on the Samsung S20+

Hopefully that answers your question 🙂

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Well when I look at my offers, it doesn't say Bring-It-Back Bonus -$300 it says Device Credit -$300.

When you say you only need to pay back the Bring-It-Back, it's very misleading because everyone only sees -$320.

I have proof of this and I sent it to a rep and she and the supervisor said there's nothing they can do.

It's ludicrous that you do these kinds of false advertisiments because a lot of people are going to think it's 320$ and in two years they're going to get a rude awakening when they have to pay 620$.

You guys should've gave me the deal I still see now instead of trying to manipulate the facts or change the wording so I can benefit you.

You should do the right thing, give me the deal and make your corrections.

It's not normal that I had to speak to 6 reps and finally get an answer that still defends you're unlawful tactics. Once I'm done with my current contract in August, I'm leaving and I will share this story to others and expose these cheap tactics on red flag forums, Twitter and Facebook.

By the way, you even said it yourself in the 2nd post "Look for Bring-It-Backᵀᴹ and the amount to the right is the amount you would owe at the end of the 2 year agreement if you decide to keep the device instead of getting a new device" there's no mention of a bring it back bonus.. worse yet I only see in my offers "device credit".

Since I can't attach a screenshot of the proof, here's a copy paste:

Here's how it all breaks down

Retail Price


Promotion: EPP Subsidized Device Bonus with Financing offer


Device Credit




Total savings


Device repayment amount


Due today


Due monthly



Look at my offer i just posted and tell me what you think. You think it's good right? You order online? 2 years from now 620$! Is that fair?

It looks to me like that $340 is what you're paying over two years by paying $14.17 a month out of your monthly plan.


After two years, you either give the phone back or pay $320 and keep it.





Exactly! They're saying 620$! I'm feeling with Telus Exclusive Partner Program (EPP)through my work and when I see my offers its not what @BrandonT showed before. On their EPP website, it's what I posted above

So you realize, when you talk on the phone to a customer service rep, at nearly any company, your chances of talking to someone who doesn't understand what you're talking about is quite high


The website says you pay $320 at the end of two years.

I think that's what the contract will say too.

If it doesn't, I'd be surprised.

If I had a dollar for every rep I'd talked to that didn't know what they were talking about, I'd have a lot of loonies.


I spoke to a rep and she had a supervisor with her and they asked me to send a screenshot of the offer cause they couldn't find it in their system. I even have the supervisors email. After he got it my screenshot, they judged there's nothing I can do. In two years, I'm going to have to deal with the same people to get a credit of 300$? I have proof! What will be the end result in your opinion?


It's an EPP offer. I posted the offer earlier but I can send an actual screenshot or link

I think that the EPP plan is supposed to be better than the one offered to the general public.


The one I see on the public website is, from what I recall:

$100 up front

$20 per month for 24 months

$320 at the end of two years to keep the phone.


I don't see how they would, on an EPP, get you to pay twice that.  It doesn't make sense.

If you had advanced to the point of a contract, that's what would have the exact terms.


Bear in mind I don't work for Telus, I am just telling you what I think.



The point is, I would completely expect Telus to have the same problem as any other company, which is to have reps (including supervisors) who don't understand things. I have firsthand experience with this regarding a technical issue.  But what they not is a company that pulls tricks to deceive.  They are not cheap, and I don't always agree with them,  but they are straight shooters and have good ethics.


By the way, the 5-6 reps (I lost count) were honestly very very professional and did they know their stuff but the decision of the supervisor wasn't imho fair. Even the rep today she admitted that it wasn't normal.

Maybe @BrandonT Brandon can shed some light on it.


Hopefully you can get the right deal.  

Thank you for listening

@Septra777 Thanks for engaging and good luck.  It seems to be a good deal with a $320 payoff.  I do believe that to be the intent, hopefully it will come to fruition.