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Bad call connection

How can i fix bad connection when talking on iphone? Wifi provided by Rogers has no issues for anything else. When i use my iphone (telus service provider)in my house, the connection is terrible. How can I fix this?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you talked to mobilty tech support yet? If you're having connection issues, it is best to make sure they are aware. Are you on 5G or LTE? Do both have issues? Any other cell phones in the house? Which province or city are you in?


That being said, cellular reception can be affected by many things.

  • Distance to the nearest tower.
  • Height of the tower.
  • 5G vs LTE. 5G often has shorter range and depending on the frequency, a weaker signal.
  • What is between you and the tower. (ie houses, buildings, trees, etc.)
  • How far the signal has to travel from the tower and through all of the obstacles to your house.
  • Are you in a standard woodframed house? Does it have denser material on the outside like brick or concrete board? Are you above ground or in the basement?

Cell tower map:


For me, I know where my nearest tower is and the signal from it has to go through about 6 blocks worth of houses before reaching me. The last obstacle I have is the condo building itself as I have no direct line of sight and have half a building between me and the houses.

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Community Power User

You may wish to investigage wifi calling:


Wi-Fi Calling FAQ | TELUS Support

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