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student pricing

Just Moved In

Has anyone found a realistic student pricing plan for university students who need internet ?  Last year Telus had a very attractive student plan....

 no contract... 40$/m etc ..This year almost all classes are being done online and what are the students being offered ...a 15$ discount if you sign up for 2 years ...if you go no contract its 155/m and 100$ install fee .....any info re a better option would be appreciated 



Just Moved In

Student pricing is a game-changer, offering affordability and accessibility to education-related products and services. It acknowledges the financial constraints that students often face and helps alleviate the burden. With discounted prices, students can access necessary tools, software, and resources essential for their academic journey. Student pricing fosters equal opportunities, enabling students to excel without compromising their budgets. It is a valuable initiative that recognizes the importance of supporting and investing in the future generation of learners.



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Finding a realistic student pricing plan for university students in need of internet can be challenging. However, some internet service providers offer special packages tailored to the needs and budgets of students. It's crucial for students to research and compare different options to find the most suitable plan. Additionally, reaching out to the university's IT department or student support services can provide valuable guidance and potential discounts. Affordable internet access is essential for students to thrive academically and stay connected in today's digital age.