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ghost dialing

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hi. anyone else received calls from strangers out of province saying your home tel called them and they need to press option #1 to connect. recd 3 calls yesterday saying I called them when in fact I did not



Community Power User
Community Power User

The scammers behind the many robocalls typically display fake phone numbers when they call others. It's not unheard of for them to appear as another valid phone number. I've had my own phone number show up on my landline's call display once.

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Hello @Nighthawk

Not necessarily true. Many scammers are now using local numbers to call others. It's a issue Rogers is having and so is Bell ( I read their forums / many other sites to know).

My 2 cellphone numbers have been used like this before. I get call backs from people asking why I called them and immediately they know that my number was used in a scam call because my voice and how we talked about it. Plus my Rogers home phone number has done it too..

They are getting really smart now.