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Worst customer service and slow internet speeds

Just Moved In

I have 1 gig home internet plan which is not even close to 1 gig speeds. I reached out to customer service and they were horrible. I even showed him how slow the speeds were through some video conferencing they asked me to join. I kept on requesting for a tech and he was like I have to pay for the tech. How is this okay to not get what you are promised and then pay yourself if you want it to be corrected? on top of all this, the wifi is just terrible. 

I hope my message gets through to someone responsible. I used to do white glove service installs for telus and Telus was not this ignorant to their customer needs back then.


This is the speed I normally get on wifi. its about 195 down and 200 up when hardwired. But the wifi is just horrible.







Hi @simransandhu - There's a few factors that affect a speed test. First, I see that the server you are connecting to is the Wolfpaw Datacentres so the speed test that you are doing is to that specific server. If you click the "change server"  letters and do another speed test you will see that you will get a different result.


As an example, I am not in Calgary but using the same website I got the following result:



When I do a speed test to a server that's closer to me  I get the following result:



I am also on Gigabit internet wired in to a Cat5e cable and I know that my computer has a Gigabit NIC in it but I am also using a VPN so my speed is slower


This is not to say that your experience is wrong but I wanted to highlight how a speed test might not be the best tool to use to gauge your internet speed as the results can vary from one server to another.


To figure this out, can you please tell me the category of ethernet cable you are using and which device you are using to conduct the speed test with?


What happens if you switch the server to TELUS?


What speed test results do you get when you try


In addition to what @El-Eric says, you are testing over WiFi so what you are seeing is the WiFi speed not your 1 GB Internet speed to your router.