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Home Phone for 90 year old still not hooked up after 10 days! Terrible

Just Moved In

My 90 year old mother who has had the same phone number for 70 years and has moved to a new apartment has not

had her phone hooked up yet 10 days after they were supposed to do it. First technician disconnected rogers internet which is part of her rent package but the building manager was there and had to tell him to hook it back up and had to tell him how to hook up phone line as he was confused on what line where coming in. It didn't work and he didn't even check it. Brutal service. Between two of us we have talked to customer service 5 or 6 times and still no resolution and they say they are going to get back to you and have not heard a word. This is the biggest screw up I seen with Telus. Beware and say hello to ROGERS!!!!


Just Moved In
Just an update:
Got a hold of a manager named Randel and he went the extra mile and solved the problem in a couple of hours. Telus needs a lot more Randel’s!!!
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