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Why havent i got fibre even though theres a Fiber box on my road.


So for the past 9-10 years in my area telus has been giving me only Copper aka DSL For the last 9-10 years Even though theres close to 3 fttp box in my area, and telus hasnt given me a proper answer since everyone has filled out the form that requests for FIbre in my area instead were stuck using the slow 150 or 75 speed. Does anyone know who i should get into contact with. Because i havent gotten a single answer i asked the city they said telus hasnt requested anything. and they got me in contact with someone from telus who tried. So i was wondering if i could complain to HR or email someone that can Help. i have been trying to get answer for 9-10 years they gave the new houses that are next to me fibre. But they cant give to us people who have been waiting close to 9-10 years.

If anyone can help Thank you i would  appericate any help.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @Adila_1 Did you see with this link if the service is available in your area?  What was the reason for not having it available? 


@Adila_1  Possible problems underground system over 10 yrs old. How close next to me empty lots finally used up right. Boxes with fiber probably have a conduit between them but cable to your house is almost for shure direct buried. New houses had trench dug with piping installed. Would have to be hand dug trees shrubs now in the way. This is my guess? Try and sign up for a higher speed internet and see what they say. If you don't sign up they don't supply the service. I know of telus hand digging a line in to a house because of no pipe in ground at no cost. Good luck Polecat