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We get significantly slower speeds than our plan should be


We've updated our router and smart box, yet we don't receive the 150/150. In fact, our devices in the house receive as low as 1/.50

I've reset the router numerous times, I even sit next to the router on my wireless devices and maybe get 11/5. Is there any solution to these incredibly low speeds?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you on Fibre, or copper? Fibre usually meets or exceeds the posted speeds.


What tool are you using to confirm your speed?


How long have you had the 150 service? If less than 2 weeks, I suggest contacting the installer, who should have left their business card.




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Fibre. In the first year, year and a half, it was great and ran so smooth. We are into...year three now. It is not so smooth and my parents accidentally got roped into another two year contract. Now, speeds are so slow even if you are connected directly to the router. 

Also, using

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Then you, or someone authorized on the account, will need to get in touch with tech support.

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Community Power User

Have you tried running the speed test built into your router? This will give you the speed between your router and the Internet. There can be a considerable discrepancy between the speed your router gets and local devices depending on how they are connected.


The test is under Network>Diagnostics in the app.


Just a long time customer hoping to help.