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my wifi parental controls

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I use to be able to use the mywifi app to schedule time off the wifi for the kids.  this feature is now elusive and I can't change the schedule.  I can only manually pause all their devices.


I click on the kids profile and it only gives me two options 1. edit items attached to profile and 2 edit profile name.  How do I schedule the time now?


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Community Power User

This is from My Wi-Fi app for the T3200 modem | TELUS Support

Set up and manage Wi-Fi schedules

Tired of manually pausing and unpausing Wi-Fi for your devices or profiles? You can now create Schedules for when your Wi-Fi can and cannot be accessed with each of your profiles.

Note: You need to create at least one device profile to create a Wi-Fi schedule.

To create a Wi-Fi schedule:

  1. Open the TELUS My Wi-Fi app
  2. Navigate to the Overview tab
  3. Select the profile name you want to set up a schedule for
  4. Select the Add schedule button
  5. You can either choose one of the three suggested schedules or select Create your own
  6. Choose a name for your schedule, and select the time range and the days you want the schedule to be enforced
  7. Select Save and you’re done

To create more Wi-Fi schedules:

  1. In the profile details page, select Manage in the "Schedules" section
  2. Select Add a schedule at the bottom of the page
  3. You can either choose one of the three suggested schedules or select Create your own as described above

To manage a Wi-Fi schedule:

  1. In the profile details page, select the schedule you would like to amend or disable
  2. On the schedule page, press the green icon to disable the schedule or make any edits to the schedule
  3. Select Save if you made edits to the time or days the schedule is active and you’re done

I don't use profiles so I cannot confirm these instructions will work. Good luck!