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Repeatedly losing connection (wired and wireless) and IP conflict?

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Currently using Telus fibre optic cable and we have the white smart hub device. 

Over the past two months, our home internet, both wired and wireless stops working. Sometimes the computer (wired) will say there in an IP conflict but other times, the internet just doesn't connect.


Prior to June of this year, we didn't have any issues like this. Telus has replaced our fibre box and the modem (we've been through 2 black/blue modems and now have the white hub) and still, yesterday, we lost connection. Doesn't matter if we restart everything, reboot fully, or call for support, it still doesn't seem to solve it as it may reconnect but only temporarily. Our neighbours have the same services and do not have this issue.

We bought another modem from a retail store and this works perfectly when the other one doesn't (I work from home via the internet so it is imperative we have service). 


Please, any advice, experiences, solutions would be greatly appreciated.






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Same issue here. Telus is unreliable and very inefficient.My Telus dies nothing to resolve problems and usually the wait times by phone are brutal.

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Community Power User

It's concerning that you are seeing IP address conflicts. Any system with a conflicting IP address will likely experience networking issues until the conflict is resolved.


This may help:


How to Release and Renew an IP Address (


I feel your pain. We too just upgraded to the Hub and new fibre box,  WiFi AP, plus the 2 Boosts after replacing the 3200 router a couple of times. My problem is the dropped wifi. I have a connection to my network, but have not connection to the outside world. Wried NAS boxes drop off the network for no reason. I have over 50 devices connected to my network and the Hub only has 10 DHCP reservations which I find extremely low. The T3200 had unlimited and I used a lot of reservations. I like to group my devices by type and it is a lot easier to connect to these device over ssh if the Ip addresses don't jump around.


We've had the new system about 6 weeks now and it has just started to give me trouble. I've reset the modem/Hub numerous times with no difference. It works for a day or two and then the wifi drops and no internet. 


The odd time the system will reconnect on its own, but I shouldn't have to put up with dropping. 


I not crazy about calling because they will want me to reboot the Hub, re-install the AP and the Boosts. Not sure what to do.