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So many problems getting 3G service running...


(copying this up from deep in another thread so it might get noticed better)


We ordered an upgrade to 3G service back in Oct 2023. It's been nothing but a nightmare over the last 4 months trying to get this service.


We have repeatedly had techs not show up, techs show up on the wrong day, tech swap out all of the equipment after saying it's all wrong and the previous tech didn't know what he was doing, techs saying the other side of our connection wasn't plugged into a 3G capable port, techs saying the back office hadn't provisioned us on the right 3G profile, etc


During this period, we had 4-6 weeks of 450/60 throughput, nowhere near the 1.5G that we previously had or the 3G we had upgraded to.


Now, we are seeing 1050/950 throughput, still nowhere near the 2300/2300 the previous poster sees or the 3000/3000 we are expected.


We have a number of support tickets outstanding to deal with the speed, billing issues (instead of upgrading our existing account, they opened a new account so we have months of double-billing!), no-show service call fees where we are being charged when it was the tech who didn't show up, etc.  [UPDATE: TELUS just closed the tickets saying "resolved" with no explanation, and they are definitely NOT resolved]


We're hanging on because the bundled 3G package price ends up being the same as what we were paying for 1.5G service, so we're not losing any monies, but we aren't getting what we ordered.


We have the Nokia ONT with their cable between it's 10G port and our 10Gbps switch, and our 10Gbps equipment connected to that. We have tried plugging our 10Gbps equipment directly into the 10G port on the ONT. Everything is showing a 10Gbps link, just not the expected 3G throughput. Any ideas on what we can try while we wait for them to respond to our latest tickets and send out yet another tech?

[in response to another user saying Nokia ONTs don't have 10G] Black rectangular box says "Nokia" on the front. Back says model is XS-250X-A. Definitely a 10G port...

[in response to another user showing web interface to another ONT with various setting visible] Any idea how to login to the Nokia ONT that's in bridged mode?


At this point, we have stable 1G or 1.5G service, but definitely not the 3G we are subscribed to.



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Community Manager

Hello, I'll send you a private message to discuss further. Thanks.