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My Sony 49X900F Android TV keeps dropping WiFi but other device's WiFi are just fine.

My Sony 49X900F Android TV keeps dropping WiFi but other device's WiFi are just fine.

I am not using the wired LAN on the TV because it is only a 10/100 port.

I have Fiber 150/150 internet. When I had a trial of 1Gig speed, the Wi-Fi would max out at 275/275 speed. Of course when I went back to 150/150 the Wi-Fi would max out at 165/165 on speed tests. Yes I know this has nothing to do with dropping WiFi on the TV.

I have tried power cycling the T3200. WiFi disabled on T3200.

I have restarted both boosters that are hardwired back to the T3200.

I have forgotten the WiFi network SSID and added it back again.

Still drops but not all the time.

I have not contacted TELUS yet.

I could try re-enabling the WiFi on the T3200 with a different SSID and have the TV hook up to that?

In the Sony online Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide it mentions this:
"Your TV is too close to the router
It is recommended that the TV and router be at least 1 meter (3 feet) apart."

Well the Booster is right next to the left side of the TV.

The WiFi antenna on the router/booster does not transmit in a perfectly spherical pattern. It is directional and irregular to some extent in all 3 dimensions. If the TV's WiFi antenna is close to the booster it could be in the weak part of the signal because signal pattern hasn't had a chance to spread out yet. There can also be some reflective interferance being that close to the source. Moving the booster further away as Sony recommends is worth trying.


Is smart steering turned on on the router? It's possible the TV is flop-flopping between 2.4 and 5 GHz bands which will cause the drop outs. This flip-flopping may be caused or exacerbated by the poximity issue. Try turning off smart steering if moving the booster doesn't solve the issue.




I turned on WiFi on T3200 only using 5Ghz band with different SSID. And set the lowest 5GHz channel to not interfere with Boosters that seem on the higher channels for 5Ghz.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The 10/100 port is more than enough for anything your TV would need.


Certainly worth using if you continue to have WiFi issues.