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Volume equalization

Just Moved In

When will Telus finally equalize the volume level across all channels? Some are shouting, while others can not be heard. You constantly have to adjust. This is very annoying.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I don't find any difference in volume between them on my Optik box. Care to provide some examples of channels you have issues with?

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only differences I notice are the telus music room stations(stingray vibe channels) that are extremely low on optik tv.

Have to turn my amp way up on those.

I have experienced that.  However, I don't remember which channels now.  The next time I experience it, I will make a note and update here.  But, it is real( I always have my optik pvr to send surround sound). Telus might have addressed it already as I don't recall experiencing it recently.  Then again, I only watch very few channels.