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Call Control


Has anyone downloaded & tried this new offering-"Call Control "- to supposedly block unwanted calls ??  Sounds like a great idea, but can't they just transfer my saved calling numbers, rather than have to enter each one individually?  Yes, you can save up to 25 numbers, but that's going to take a fair amount of time if you have to look each one up before entering.


Community Power User
Community Power User
You’ll have to manually enter the nusiance calls to block. It’s not meant as a “safe” calling list.

Blocking calls is a never ending battle with autodiallers as they can spoof numbers at whim.

yes, I realize that you enter each number you want to block, but apparently you have to also enter your "safe" numbers as well.Don't know what happens when an unlisted number you get the option to block or keep safe, or does it just not go thru ?  What happens if a friend or business calls for the first time?  Sounds like a great idea, but a lot of unknowns for this old gal!

Community Power User
Community Power User

It seems pretty clear to me! It does not block callers per se; it requires callers to press a button on their phone for the call to be connected. It is meant to prevent hobo-calls, more than live calls. Your 'Safe' numbers are those you don't want to inconvenience with a key press, or are from automated callers you want to receive. For instance, your doctor or dentist may use an automated calling system to remind you of an appointment. You may wish to ensure you do not miss those.


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